Camaya Coast: What You See is What You Get


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I found out about Camaya Coast in Facebook while I was searching for a beach to complete my summer 2016.  I checked its website and I was captivated b the pictures in its gallery. So I booked the 2nd trip for my family on my chosen date. There were only 2 trips that time, 8 AM and 10 AM.  This was my first time to go to beach using a ferry  so I was excited.

1 hour before departure, we already at  One Esplanade Seaside where the ferry was stationed. We paid 30 pesos each for terminal fee, and chose our seats.  Choose the back seats where the windows are clear.


Photo by Bernard Testa,


The interior of the ferry was very comfortable, and air conditioned.


photo credit to

After almost 2 hours of sea adventure, we arrived at Camaya Coast.  The dock was not concrete, and made of floating cubes so it was shaky.  Be careful when you are crossing it.

From the dock, we could see the coastline of Camaya.

I noticed that water was really clear.

The sand was white and fine as well.



Floating Slides with other activities.

We had our lunch at Max’s Restaurant.  There are other restaurants in Camaya e.g. Figaro, Shakey’s.  You can pay cash or use your major credit cards.


Max’s Restaurant







Just sit and relax and watch the sunset


They have infinity pool you can enjoy and kiddie pool for your kids.




Camaya Coast Resort is a family friendly one.  What you see in the site is what you get.


Buscalan Kalinga Tattoo Artists


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We visited the Buscalan, Kalinga to see Apo Whang-od, and to see how the traditional tattoo was being done.

Apo Whang-od is considered to be the last Mambabatok or traditional tattoo artist from Butbut tribe.  She trained her grandnieces, Grace and Ilyang.  The skills can only be transferred to her relatives.img_6576

They are using mixed of charcoal and water and torn of calamansi for tattooing.

You can choose the traditional designs they have.  Every design has meaning.

They will create a pattern before they do the tattoo.



I had an opportunity to have photos with the artists.


Apo Whang-Od






You may read  3 Days and 2 Nights: Sagada and Buscalan Adventure…Buscalan Journey on how to go to Buscalan.



Staycation: Pearl Manila Hotel


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I had my first staycation in Pearl Manila Hotel for my birthday.  I was able to find about this accommodation in Metrodeal.  The overnight stay just costed me Php 1999 with free access to their pool and gym.  The hotel  is very accessible.  It is just near in United Nation  Avenue in Manila and in front of NBI office.


Facade (c) Pearl Manila Hotel

We were welcomed warmly in the lobby, and was advised to proceed to 9th floor where the front desk was located for check-in.  Yap, you read it right the front desk is not in the lobby.


I requested for the room where I could see the  Manila skyline and the pool.  It was very amazing view of Manila at night and day


Pool and Manila Skyline

The room  was clean and cozy.  The bathroom was clean and spacious.  The wifi was free but sometimes intermittent.


queen size bed


spacious bathroom

I had a beautiful view of sunset from afar.




Manila skyline at night

Overall, I had a great overnight stay in Pearl Manila Hotel.  I also recommend this hotel if you are looking for budget hotel but cozy, and with good service.  The following parks and establishments are  near by the hotel:

  • Luneta Park
  • Manila Ocean Park
  • Manila Bay
  • National Museum


I rated the hotel where in 5 is the highest & 1 is the lowest

  • Free Wifi -3/5
  • Room -5/5
  • Customer Service -4/5
  • Hotel Location -5/5
  • Pool -4/5

Enjoy your stay!


Under the Manila Ocean Park


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Manila Ocean Park (MOP) is easy to locate.  It is just at the back of Quirino Grandstand and beside Manila Hotel.  You can buy your tickets in MOP or  Metrodeal and choose the promos you want to avail. We got ours in Metrodeal and we chose the promo that we wanted.  We chose Ultimate Adventure at Manila Ocean Park: 8-in-1 Attractions with Eat-All-You-Can Buffet.  Ultimate Adventure includes the following:

  • Oceanarium
  • Trails to Antartica (Penguin Exhibit & Snow Village)
  • Jellies Exhibit
  • Birds of Prey Kingdom
  • Fish Spa
  • Sharks & Rays Dry Encounter
  • Amazing Stories of Yexel’s Museum
  • Liquid Buffet (Eat All You Can)

And we got this for only PHP899 instead of PHP2600.  We got 65% discount.

Hotel H20 Entrance

Birds of Prey

Here you will see Bhraminy Kites (Lawin) flying around. This aviary is the first and largest walk-in aviary in Asia.
(c) adcel faurillo
(c) adcel faurillo
(c) adcel faurillo
(c) adcel faurillo
Penguin Exhibit


Feeding the penguins to see them in close.  You have to pay PHP 500 for this.  It includes A4 size picture with the happy feet :).

Jellies Exhibit

I love the colorful jellies.  Their thin bodies allow the lights pass thru them. They are able to get oxygen thru diffusion 😀
(c) adcel faurillo

(c) adcel faurillo

(c) adcel faurillo

(c) adcel faurillo


(c) adcel faurillo
Life Cycle of Jelly fish

Sharks & Rays Dry Encounter

(c) adcel faurillo

(c) adcel faurillo
(c) adcel faurillo
(c) adcel faurillo
Sharks are nocturnal


The life under the sea.
(c) adcel faurillo


(c) adcel faurillo


(c) adcel faurillo


(c) adcel faurillo


(c) adcel faurillo
Stone Fish

(c) adcel faurillo


(c) adcel faurillo

(c) adcel faurillo


(c) adcel faurillo


(c) adcel faurillo

Liquid Buffet (Eat All You Can)



The food was fair enough, and not a lot of choices.  Just like the other eat all you can you have to wait for your time.
Also, the Manila Ocean Park is like a mall which has restaurants and stalls inside.  You can go inside for free except for the attractions, and do malling. By the way this place is also a good venue to watch the sunset.
(c) adcel faurillo
Roxas Boulevard , Manila Bay


(c) adcel faurillo
Beautiful Sunset in Manila Bay

3 Days and 2 Nights: Sagada and Buscalan Adventure…Buscalan Journey


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Day 2

We left Sagada by 11 in the morning.  We rode the last jeep going to Bontoc.  We reached the jeep terminal to Buscalan after 45 minutes, and paid only 40 pesos each.  The jeep to Buscalan – Bugnay junction left at 2:30 pm and this was the only direct jeep to Buscalan and Bugnay.  Most of the roads were cemented.  The views were breathtaking.

After 1.5 hours, we reached the Buscalan-Bugnay Junction.  We paid 100 each for the ride.


From junction,  Buscalan was still 5 km. away.  The bridge was being created so we opted to ride 2 motorcycles (habal-habal) to reach Buscalan.  We did the hiking after we reached the end of the road.  It took us more than 20 minutes to reach the Buscalan proper.  It was so high that we had to stop several times to catch our breath.


How high? See the houses on top.



If  you can see the straight line that’s where we came.

Our contact was Oliver Luis and Clarissa.  We stayed at ate Anna’s house, where Drew Arellano stayed during their shooting of Byahe ni Drew.12993331_466957290173223_6278579403505660087_n

We were allowed to cook our own food.  We paid P250 for each person for overnight stay.

To summarize the cost per person.

  • Jeep to Bontoc, last trip 11 am: P45
  • Jeep to Busculan – Bugnay junction; only trip 2:30pm : P100
  • 2 motorcycle rides: P100
  • Ecotourism fee: P75
  • Overnight stay: P250
  • Tour fee: P1000 for group of 3.

To go back to Manila, we made a reservation to Coda Lines. They picked us at Bontoc Proper around 4pm.


    3 Days and 2 Nights: Sagada and Buscalan Adventure…Sagada


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    Day 0 & Day 1

    We started our journey to Sagada Thursday night.  We rode the Coda Lines bus, and left their terminal in Quezon City by 9 PM.  The fare was Php 720/person.  We had 3 stops along the way for merienda and wee break ( Nueva Ecija, Nueva Vizcaya, and Ifugao).  We also had another stop over in Ifugao, and this was the highlight of our road trip to Sagada. Coda Lines stopped at Dyannara Viewpoint.  It is a best place to view the famous Banaue Rice Terraces. They gave us some minutes to take our selfies & souvenir photos.  That’s why riding Coda Lines is highly recommended.


    Coda Lines buses stopped at Dyannara Viewpoint



    Banaue Rice Terraces


    Mandatory photo 🙂

    View when you enter the Ifugao & Mt. Province

    By 9 AM, we finally reached Sagada. We had a total of 12 hours of journey from Quezon City to Sagada.

    Upon arrival, we went immediately to Municipal Tourism Center to register, and paid the environmental fee for Php 35.00 per person.  It was also in the Tourism Center where we took our tour package that fitted our schedule.

    We checked in to our lodge, Kanip-Aw Pines View Lodge, to leave our things before we went to our tour.

    Echo Valley  Adventure Trail & Sumaguing Cave

    Our adventure started by 1 PM.  We chose the Echo Valley Adventure Trail as this fitted our schedule.  We hiked to Echo Valley, Hanging Coffins, Underground River, and Bokong Falls.  We began our walk from St. Mary Church, and we climbed our way up to their cemetery.


    Most of the tombs we saw had charcoals on top.  In Sagada, they are not using candles during All Souls Day but instead they burn woods.


    Ashes and charcoals on the tomb

    When we reached the Echo Valley, we heard girls shouting their hearts out and it echoed several times.  That’s where they got the name of the valley.  I didn’t shout by the way.  I was just fascinated by the view.


    Echo Valley.  There is hidden trail inside this forest.

    Along our way, we also  passed by the climbing area.  You can avail this one for Php 450.00, and keep on climbing until you get tired.


    Climb your way up to this rock formation

    After passing by the climbing area, we reached the famous hanging coffins.  10% percent of the locals are still choosing this kind of burial.  According to our tour guide they were hanged above the ground to not carry the burden of the earth, and all corpses were in fatal position as they were returned to mother’s earth womb.


    They bring the coffin first before the corpse.


    Spotted hanging coffins beside the rock formation

    From hanging coffins, we walked 10-15 minutes more to underground river. It was a rocky road but the place was enchanting.

    Finally, we reached the entrance to the Underground River.  It is actually a cave where the river passes by.  Luckily, it was summer already the water was not high.IMG_6385


    Once we were inside, the temperature was getting colder. We saw some rock formations as well.

    Inside the underground river, we only heard the flow of the water and our voices. By the way there is no crocodile here.


    We finally saw our way out.  The view was so surreal.


    Our way out

    20 minutes from Underground River was Bokong Falls.  We had a rocky way up there and closed up view of rice terraces.


    crossing this bed of rocks is not easy


    We also passed by the rice terraces. Kuya Pokwa was leading us.


    magtanim ay di biro

    We reached the last stop of Echo Valley Adventure Trail after 1.5 hours.  It was almost 2 pm in the afternoon and the children were enjoying the cool water.  I dipped my feet after a long walk.


    Bokong Falls


    This is how they chill in the afternoon

    Sumaguing Cave

    On our way to Sumaguing cave, we rode a jeep and put ourselves on the top load.  We felt the cold air of SAGADA.


    Top Load



    As we started to go down, the temperature was starting to go down as well.  We noticed smoke was coming out from our mouth.


    It was my first time to do spelunking. It was quite challenging but worth it.


    challenging to go up

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

    We’re happy that were able to pass the challenge of Sumaguing Cave.

    Day 2

    Kiltepan View

    We woke up as early as 3 AM in the morning because our call time was 4:30 AM.  We’re at the site before 5 AM so we’re able to get a good spot.  We waited until 6 AM to see the sunrise.

    Kiltepan was our last stop in Sagada because we were heading to Buscalan before lunch.  The costs were the following for our Sagada trip.

    • Coda Lines: Php 720/head
    • Kanip-Aw Pines View Lodge: Php 1000/3 persons
    • Environmental Fee: Php 35/head
    • Echo Valley Adventure Trail: Php 1000
    • Sumaguing Cave: Php 500
    • Kiltepan View: Php 500
    • Shuttle for Sumaguing Cave AND Kiltepan: Php 350

    3 Days and 2 Nights: Sagada and Buscalan Adventure…Buscalan Journey